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About MMFS
Beep, beep, beeeeep! This is the (audio) logo of Multimedia For Sports (MMFS) and the start/announcement of every MMFS multimedia product. Recognition, clear tasks, announcements and sounds, and a way of keeping track of the results of exercises and tests (such as diagrams and forms) are features of MMFS.

MMFS offers multimedia products to support fitness tests and to promote physical fitness. Existing and new fitness tests/training methods are supported by multimedia products. The link with music and image offers the participant an extra stimulus. Our products offer children much more fun too. For adults it offers extra value for each performance.

Origin of the Multimedia For Sports project
MultimediaForSports is part of the multimedia company PMMP. PMMP specialises in multimedia products which are aimed at art, culture and sports audiences. MMFS was created to fulfil the demand for innovative multimedia support for fitness tests, fitness training and sports education.

Fitness Test & Training CD Box   In 1996, under the flag of PMMP, sport and game activities, as well as a shortened version of the official Shuttle Run Test, were put to music. This was done to make the activities more attractive to the participants, and also to create a performance-increasing atmosphere by using upbeat music. Also, it is convenient for sportsmen to be able to execute different tests or warm-up exercises without an assistant or coach being present.
In 1997, and later on in 2003-2006, a number of pilot projects were conducted in elementary schools and sports clubs (which enabled the concept to be protected in 1997 and adjusted in 2003 and 2006). The pilots were received enthusiastically by the participants. They stated that they experienced much more fun doing the fitness tests and training. Sound indicators (beeps, referee whistles, announcements of a time) and encouragement signals (subtle clapping) co-ordinated with the music offered stimuli for sportsmen who train individually. In 2006, the demand for products for fitness tests and fitness improvement increased. This is the time to offer our products professionally.

Custom-made products
Apart from standard products, MMFS also offers custom-made tests and training programs in multimedia form.
Example: A sportsman can be made to follow a specific training program (pace/speed). This can be offered in any multimedia form (sounds/music/image/vocal) and for almost each test/training program. Furthermore, pre-existing music can be used for this.

Multimedia For Sports
Multimedia For Sports is part of PMMP
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